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welcome to the way of the shadow Martial Arts Academy

Our mission is to provide the highest quality martial arts instruction and training in practical self-protection to every student in a disciplined, realistic, safe, and enjoyable manner in order to help the student develop founded confidence and maximize their potential in all areas of life. 

The Way of the Shadow Martial Arts Academy teaches the art of Kage No Michi Ninjutsu; a modern style of Ninjutsu taught with and based upon traditional values and principles. Using the strategy and theory of the ancient Ninja, this martial art style emphasizes evasion, efficiency, and economy of motion using the entire body as a weapon. This is a comprehensive and evolving martial art that encompasses striking, joint locks, takedowns, throws, body conditioning, traditional and improvised weapons, ground fighting, and grappling. The techniques of this style are all based on the time-tested principles of Ninjutsu but are designed for practical, modern self protection for children and adults. 

At The Way of the Shadow, we are not training for trophies. We are
Training for Life.

Try Out The Master's Club!

Master's Club is our elite weapons class where members take their Ninja training to the next level by learning how to use traditional Ninja weapons. Students also practice gymnastic/ performance-based martial arts skills, parkour, and represent the studio at demonstrations. 
Learn more about the Master's Club!